Not to bring the mood down, but I've had a string of unsuccessful relationships (as we all have!), so believe me when I say I know how much it means for you and your partner to have
finally found the one!

The hopeless romantic in me loves to see the bond between couples that I know I'll one day find for myself (news flash: you and your partner are keeping my hope in love alive!)

No matter how rough, weird, or sad life and relationships can get, there's always that person out there wishing they had someone exactly like the weirdo I know you are, and you've found your matching pair for life.

What kind of person wouldn't want to spend as much time around that kind of hope as possible? P.S. totally ignore me at the wedding ceremony, I will 1000% be crying but getting beautiful photos through the tears

Come on in, the coffee's iced (with oatmilk, always) and the candles are lit!

...and professional third-wheel

All about your new bestie...

Number of times a day I have an iced vanilla latte (are you beginning to sense a theme here?)


Number of piercings & tattoos I have combined!


Number of books that I own (trust me, it takes all of my self control for this to not be a higher number)


Number of times my birthday fell on the Super Bowl!


The number of theatre productions (yes, including musicals, I was that kid) I was in, in high-school!


Random facts


I have always loved to travel. Even as a young child I would grab my tiny suitcase and throw nothing but bathing suits into it (because what are children if not impractical) and plan my vacation to anywhere I thought I could find a beach.

Airports are honestly a second home for me (yes, this is directly referencing the unexpected 24 hour layover I had in Denver, CO). I love the hustle and bustle (except TSA, I don't know anyone who enjoys TSA), and it is absolutely the best place ever to people watch.

Me travel?

Me likey!

iced vanilla latte (duh)

Caffeinated drink

the midnight library


string cheese

midnight snack





gossip girl

Television Series

favorites at the moment

I truly believe that the day shouldn't be about photos, but the photos should be about the day.

Your wedding is not a chance for a good photo-op, it's the day you'll look back on in twenty years. You'll want to see candids, your parents crying, and remember the perfume you wore.

With me, that's what you get. On your
wedding day, I'm your rock. I'm the one wiping the tears, coordinating what needs organizing,
kicking butt, and taking names.

I started photographing weddings because I loved witnessing
the shared love between two people and how that love brings them together through thick and

In my hands, your love story is treated with the utmost care and importance and is not only one of the most important days of your life because you're sharing it with the people you love, but because you will have amazing photos to look back on it with.


...more about you

less about me...

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